just numbers

hello readers.

we live in a world run by numbers.

the decimal on your report card.

the number on the right hand corner of your pay check.

the number of followers you have online.

the number of trophies sitting on your bookshelf.

or the how much time is left on the clock.

or the number on the scale.

you are worth more than these numbers will ever be.

intelligence is not defined by your ability to perform in school.

love is not defined by people who don’t bother talking to you in person.

success is not defined by materialism.

beauty is not defined by the gravity pressing your bones and muscles into the earth.

you are more than these numbers.




One thought on “just numbers

  1. So true! This is a very nice poem and reminder. It is not just the #s on the scale, or the clothing tags we define ourselves by all too often, but the grades we get in school, the # on our pay check etc. Thanks so much for sharing this.

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